Weekend Spa Breaks – Optimum Timetable

When we are considering a weekend spa break we need to think about the timetable. There is no point in having a break if we are rushed off our feet traveling to and from with little time to spare.

The whole purpose of the Spa weekends is to recharge our battery and invigorate ourselves to take on all of life’s challenges. The best plan is to consider local spas, ones where we can leave work on Friday and sit down to a relaxing meal in the resort and have a good night’s rest prior to our Saturday/Sunday of spa treatments.

We might also consider the partner who does not want spa treatments and pick a resort with options such as golf swimming tennis or football in the lounge. Again just make sure we can fit in all those treatments we really want and in most cases we can arrange and timetable those in advance to make sure we are not disappointed or can’t fit it all in. Many treatments take a long time which is why they can be so beneficial.Our website provides info about   spa breaks

So our timetable should look like.

1. Leave work travel for 2/3 hours.
2. Arrive at Hotel unpack, of course we pre packed Thursday evening to avoid time.
3. Dinner a nice long relaxing meal with our partner is such a treat in itself.
4. Good night’s sleep.

1. Nice breakfast, not too heavy but as good as we never had to make it nor do the washing up afterwards.
2. Enjoy our treatments.
3. Nice Dinner.
4. Great nights sleep.

1. Nice long lie in bed getting up much later than usual and having a nice cooked breakfast with all the benefits of the day before, i.e. we never had to cook it
2. A nice stroll in the resort grounds relaxing and enjoying the day, or if not so nice a day a swim in the pool with a bubble bath perhaps
3. A long relaxing lunch having time to chat and plan and share those ideas and thoughts we are too busy to do most of the time.
4. A short but relaxing drive home.

Now does that not sound like a good weekend away full of relaxation and comfort, de-stressing body and mind. It may come as big surprise just how inexpensive this can be and the benefits of doing this 3 or four times a year far outweigh any cost. We all know that we have to look after our body and soul and that by doing so we will ensure a long and healthy life.