Custom Wigs-Intro

With the popularity of the lace wigs, the lace closure species on the market could basically divided into three types which is chemical fiber silk, the real human hair and the mixing of the chemical fiber silk and the real human hair. First, chemical fiber top closure is generally not realistic. It will be best for you to not to buy unless you are interested in COSPLAY. Because these lace wigs will be really enough to go out false. The human hair is the most expensive full wigs but it is not suitable for life and is major used by TV actor. The mixing of the Chemical fiber silk and human hair can be chosen to buy. The price of it is relatively modest and the feeling is very realistic.
We should also pay attention to the mesh material of the lace closure when we want to buy it.

When we choose the usually wearing lace wigs, we must pay attention to the comfortable and breathable for the mesh material. In order to whether there is the uncomfortable feeling or not for the lace closure, we need to try them as we want to buy it. And then we should pull the elastic band inside the lace wig to feel the tightness of the. Please note that the comfortable is the most important factor.You may find more information at custom wigs.

The other important point is the hair of the lace closure. If you want to know how the quality of the hair, try it with a lighter and burn a few hair within the lace wig. In case that you smell the unpleasant taste, it is proved that the lace wig you have bought is inferior; put the full lace wig to the highest hairdryer outlet in about 5 seconds. If it is the human hair, then there will not be any exception; if it is other materials , it will be an unpleasant smell.

The selection for the lace wig hair is depends on the color lace wigs especially for your skin color. The fair complexion beauty can choose the color of the lace closure which is light brown, brownish yellow; the beauty with black color beauty should choose black or brownish yellow; the yellow skin beauty should choose maroon and dark brown of the lace wig. If you need to reach the lights when you wear a wig, then you should select the color which is wine red, yellow , orange Article Submission, red or fuchsia.